A story from Wales, showing just how hazardous a pot hole can be. Click. Share. Ride Aware.

A biker has been injured after apparently hitting a pothole in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The incident happened on the B4265 at around 12.45pm just outside of Ewenny.

Cars were queued up at the scene and there were several police cars and ambulances in attendance.

The man appears to have been part of a convey of bikers with one of them saying they looked in their rear view mirror and he was no longer there.

One of the bikers told WalesOnline: “As i came back I was talking to the police and some local witnesses. There are potholes in the road along the line that a motorcyclist would take.”

He added that he believe the potholes had been there for some time.

“Turns out that his wheel has hit one of the potholes and he has ended up on the floor. Locals tell me that these potholes have been here for a few months and nothing has been done about them.

“It is really bad for cyclists and motorcyclists.”


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