Ride Aware all-in-one

£249.99 inc VAT

Speed traps and road hazard alerts. Always connected and always up to date on your ride, it’s easy to Ride Aware.



We know, we know. You don’t want your phone beeping all the time when you’re riding – that can wait!

Using the dedicated Ride Aware hardware keeps you informed about speed traps and road hazard up ahead without interruptions from your own phone.

Connect to Bluetooth headphones and hear concise, detailed audio descriptions for each alert, so you can keep your eyes on the road, where they belong. You can mount Ride Aware all-in-one to your dash to also see visual alerts. Mount the ShareButton on your grip and you are ready to ride.

Using the world’s first Share Button, you can just click to agree or disagree with alerts and instantly report new cameras or hazards as you drive. You don’t need to touch or even look at the screen. That would be distracting. Just click the Share Button. The more live speed traps and dangerous road hazards everyone shares, the more easily we can all Ride Aware.

Ride Aware works best with an active internet connection as you drive, to keep you updated with any new traps and road hazards, and comes with our MULTI UK network SIM, free to use for a week (then £9.99 per month, cancel any time). We’ll email details on how subscribe, or you can simply choose your own SIM.

In the box

Ride Aware display
MULTI network SIM (pre-installed)
Share Button with grip mount
0.7m USB cable (for charging)

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